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As trusted guardians and care givers to our loved pets, we often have questions or are in search of the those who, like us, think of our 4 paw kiddos' well being first.  Below you will find information and links to helpful information, resources, businesses and organizations that we feel are like-minded and kiddo well-being focused.


A couple of things to keep in mind...

The 4 paw kiddo service providers you see on this page are those of which we have witnessed their kindness, compassion, empathy, knowledge and dedication to the 4 paw kiddos and the humans they serve or they come highly regarded by those we trust.  We know there are many more in the community not listed here.  We hope you find this information helpful.

Rescue Donations:  All donations made on this page are linked directly to the associated rescue organization.  So, in other words, you are donating directly to the rescue NOT pet fetchers.  :)  All rescues listed here are 501 (c)(3) so your donation is tax deductible.


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Adopting a 4 paw kiddo?
Remember the rule of 3-3-3

3 Days

Your new 4 paw kiddo is trying to figure out their new home and family.

3 Weeks

They have figured out they will live with you and start a routine.

3 Months

Your 4 paw kiddo has become a part of your family.  Welcome Home!

And remember, puppies are adorbs AND can be a lot of work.  Are you ready?

If you have questions or issues, reach out to a qualified trainer; they can help you learn to communicate with your 4 paw kiddo.

Have patience.  It's a new experience for everyone (4 paw kiddo too)... it will take a bit of time; enjoy the ride.

4 paw kiddos are sentient beings.  You are their whole world.  Treat them well.

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Losing Your Pet or


Finding a lost 4 paw kiddo.


What you can do next to help find your pet, the found pets home or a new one.

Some tips that may help you and the 4 paw kiddo along the way.

If Your Pet Becomes Lost

1) If your pet is microchipped contact the microchip company / the company or organization you registered it with (your vet can give you contact info).  Make sure your contact info is completely up to date. Let the company know your pet is lost.


2) Utilize social media!! Post! Post! Post!

Nextdoor App - If you live in an active community.  Include area and cross streets where your pet was last known and a good current photo.

Facebook - Post on your page, lost and found groups, etc.  Spread the word!

Fido Finder and Pawboost are good to utilize as well.


3) Animal Welfare:  Physically go to your area animal shelters - your city and surrounding city shelters.  Look for your pet. DO NOT rely on shelter websites that show the animals at the shelter.  DO NOT RELY on anyone else - YOU GO IN EVERY DAY - sometimes people hold on to lost animals for a day or two trying to find their human before bringing them to a shelter.  Speak to animal welfare staff and give them your 4 paw kiddo info.  And still go in every day and look.


4) Create lost posters and place at every local animal place you can find (vets, groomers, pet supply stores, shelters/rescues).

If You Find a Lost Pet

1.  Make sure the 4 paw kiddo is safe and out of the weather (if necessary).  If injured, take to vet if possible.  If not, provide basic care until additional care can be obtained.  If at a vet, check for microchip!!

2.  Check for a microchip! Vet offices or animal shelters can scan for a microchip to (hopefully) find the human owner.  This can be the fastest way to reunification.

3. Take a photo or photos and utilize social media.  It is good practice to withhold a small detail of identifying information that only the human caregiver (owner) would know.  This helps prevent wrongful identification by someone who is not the actual owner.  Utilize the same apps as previously mentioned: NextDoor, Facebook, Pawboost, Fido Finder, etc. to get the word out.

4. Animal Welfare.  Contact animal welfare in your city and surrounding cities to let them know you found a pet.  If possible, post or email a picture to them.  In addition to notifying them, you can take the 4 paw kiddo to the animal shelter and relinquish them to be held there during their stray hold (while trying to find the owner).  

An alternative would be to notify the shelter and then foster the 4 paw kiddo at your home during the stray hold.  This option keeps the kiddo out of the stressful shelter environment while still notifying them in case the owner contacts the animal shelter.

5) Create found posters and distribute to every animal service business you can find in your area.

finding a lost pet
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