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About Us

Our story began long ago...

With the wag of a tail, the boundless energy, the loyalty, the playfulness, the happy go lucky, the silliness that can make any not so good thing seem not so bad at all.  With a soul full of wisdom, authenticity, and unconditional love.  And, more often than not, an intelligence that is  smarter than humans - we fell in love with .... (dun dun DUN) the doggo!  Never fear, catto lovers, our love for cattos is strong and true!  We love them and their shenanigans (like knocking glasses off of counters) too!  In fact, we love all animals and recognize them as sentient beings deserving of respect, kindness, care and love.  We who love animals are the fortunate ones.

Along with the love of animals, we also believe in service... helping others.  We have helped kind folks in all walks of life - from mentoring two legged kiddos, to helping people rebuild their lives and homes after catastrophe struck.  We were also fortunate enough to work with an awesome team to save thousands of 4 paw kiddo lives through out of state relocation efforts while working at the local humane society.

Combining these loves, we knew that ride service for 4 paw kiddos (and their humans) was a perfect fit.  We look forward to the opportunity to fetch your pet.  We will care for and love them as our own,  have some fun car rides and hopefully help ease your busy schedules too! 

We are located in Oklahoma City, have multiple 4 paw kiddos of our own who rescued us, and tend to remember doggo names easier than human names. :)


Many woofs and wags to you. See you soon! - the pet fetchers team

beautiful gray and white cat with gorgeous blue eyes... lying on its side staring toward you... with quote "when I look into the eyes of an animal, I do not see an animal. I see a living being. I see a friend. I feel a soul." - by A.D. Williams
"When I look into the eyes of an animal, I
do not see an animal. I see a living being.
I see a friend.  I feel a soul." - A.D. Williams
german shepherd doggo and man riding in car

"What dogs?  These are my children.  LIttle people with fur who make my heart open a little wider."  - Oprah Winfrey

safety | comfort | security

       individual travel rooms: 

  • comfy, secure, climate controlled

  • sanitized & disinfected after each travel guest


        safety leash policy

        kiddo ramp for easier loading/unloading


        pet first aid certified

        defensive driving certified

        USDA class H intermediate handler 73-H-0016

        insured & bonded

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